double glazing sales! grrrrrrrrrrr!

They never give up, just had one knock on the brand new double glazed composite door, who actually said ’ I can see you have new windows at the front, what about windows and doors at the back?'…he just walked past a big skip full or old doors and windows, must have thought we’d inadvertently forgotten to replace them!..‘have you thought about a conservatory?’ grrrr!..

Alison x

I know the feeling, we’ve even had the same company that fitted ours knock on the door a few months later.

And one who asked if we’d ever thought of a porch? I was standing in it at the time!

at least he didn’t knock when they were actually fitting them, only finished Tuesday! lol

I had similar with the cavity wall insulation.

Our house looks like a dalmation as it is rendered and we havent re painted.He asks me have I considered it.

I took him up the drive to look at the house and said what do you think…he still looked at me blank!!!

I give up too.


Don’t you just love it. Ok we have had a lot of work done by Anglian but oh boy…They still ring and ask if we have considered having the work done that they’ve already done for us. The last time they rang I asked them to tell me what they had already done for us, there was silence at the other end of the phone and then the man said that he didn’t know. Obviously there’s no joined up thinking…


Strange you say that Hilary, it was Anglian! my mother has the same from the company that did hers, still, nearly all done now, non stop refurb since July 13th…can’t wait for the new woodburner week on Mon, just about time I think!

Alison x

Hi, we have a prominent notice on our kitchen window;




But even this blatantly obvious notice gets ignored by some.

However, a few days ago, hubby was out on the drive, when a door knocking chap was passing. Hubby started chatting to him and he was a DG salesman. We do have 2 small windows which need replacing, so he let him measure up and booked an appointment for someone else to come with a quote.

It was Safe Style. You know, the one with a BOGOFF offer. I said you buy one, you get one free etc.

Anyway the quote was £945…for both. That means £945 for 1, yeh?

Hubby said, No way Jose! The seller said what about £700 then?

Hubby said £500 is my maximum. The salesman left.

We got a call yesterday from them. He said the slaes in this area have not been as good as they hoped. Could they have another try? What!!!

He spoke to hubby. They couldn`t agree on £500…so…still no sale in this area yet!

luv Pollx

I have to say our dustbinman broke our double glazed door. The council were really good and told us to get 3 quotes which we did and they were all around th £450 mark so they sent us a cheque for that.

I went and knocked on the door of a bloke in the road who always had a van outside,he did it for £80-00!!!

Thanks council.


A friend of mine was being bothered by a double glazing telepest. The guy was trying really hard to sell my friend a conservatory.
“No”, says my friend, “it just is not possible to build us a conservatory”

“We can fit a conservatory anywhere” says the salesman.

“OK” says my friend, “you can come and give us a quote”. “I always wondered how you could fit a conservatory to a first floor apartment”.

… … Dial tone.

My brother in law is priceless. He was at my house once when the DG salesman came knocking. “Let me handle it” he says.

He let the guy run through the speel and then says “No thank you I don’t think so but I’m so glad that you called. Perhaps you would be interested in the loft conversions that my company sell” (He’s a teacher) You couldn’t see the salesman for dust.

Val we get a roll of binbags to last us 52 weeks.We are not the most up to date council for recycling as you can see.

He stood at the top of the drive and threw them in the direction of the door.It was the first ever roll as it was a new initiative.

The weird thing was I wouldnt of known anything about it if the cat hadnt gone loopy on the settee.I went to see what he was looking at and could hear a strange noise. Went to the porch and it was doing the toughened glass slow breaking into thousands of pieces.

I saw the roll and the yellow jacket now several houses up and went chasing after him…“oh ye I did hear a bang” was his response. At least he admitted it.

They must of all had a warning that in future they must walk down drives and leave them by the doors!!