Doodling (not MS)

You know when you’re at a loose end, or you’re teaching a child to draw…

What do you doodle/draw?

There is a good reason for asking, honest, I’ll explain later today x

i do swirls absentmindedly and turn them into pigs, flowers or even people.

looking forward to hearing the reason

carole x

That sounds very creative :slight_smile:

Horses, always horses for some reason with the odd flower thrown in. Mrs C are you going to tell me what I already know - I am totally bonkers!

i usually do triangles and then i join them up but nearly always triangles!

Triangles that I join together to make diamonds, every meeting I have triangles and diamonds in the corner of my paperwork!

I don’t have to think hard to say flowers :slight_smile:

Sonia x

I’m one for geometric shape, triangles etc.


i cant hold a pen now so cant doodle but u have just transported me back to my childhood! i drew a doodle of a dog but there was a story behind it to remember the picture.

have just said to 11yr old son-am going to tell him the strory and so he will end up with picture of the dog!

ellie x

I do do boxes that look 3D and sometimes circles! I’m sure your doodles must have some psychological meaning?!! god knows what mine mean lol! x

Thanks so much everyone!

Basically, I was tired of being ripped off for expensive photography backdrops, so I’ve decided to draw my own. I’ve done a couple and used them on shoots today, one is on home page of www. chiccaphotography . com (no spaces) x