Dont think I have MS

Hi,This probably sounds vague and somewhat silly but its beginning to annoy me now ,so I thought it best to come along here for some advice.

I have had tingling in my chin for months now,

it has steadily increased that I have it now about 90% of the time,sometimes touching my chin can cause it to tingle but more often than not it just “is there”,Ive now also have a similar strange sensation above my eye which was only happening infrequently but is steadily building up in frequency.

I spoke to my GP last week as I was concerned that the tingling has become constant and is now in more than one place.

My GP prescribed me neurotin,advised me to start it slowly and then see him again in a month,

he asked me about other symptoms such as problems with my sight,

Im short sighted and tend not to wear my glasses so yes my vision is blurred,

I do have muscle spasms in my left leg but I lost a fifth of my shin through surgery so nerve damage is to to be expected,

I have terrible bladder control but I expect that as a middle aged mother of 3?

I am very tired but I put that down to carrying too much weight?

I suspect I dont have MS(Isnt it the norm to present with MS in your twenties and Im 48?)

I guess Id just like to know why my chin tingles and why I have a similar sensation in my forehead?

Is it a symptom of MS?

Sorry for the ramble.

Hello, and welcome to the site

You are probably spot on about your vision, spasms, bladder and tiredness, but I’m afraid MS can strike at pretty much any age (the youngest diagnosis I know of is 2 and the oldest early 70s) so you do need to get it checked out. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though - there are loads of causes of neurological symptoms and many of these are treatable. You should ask your GP for a full battery of blood tests, including B12, D3 and other vitamins and minerals that, if we’re deficient, can cause symptoms.

Neurotin, aka gabapentin, can cause side effects (e.g. dizziness) in the first few weeks so do build it very slowly.

If anything else happens, then make sure and see your GP and ask for a referral to a neurologist. GPs are great for some things, but most of them know squat about neurology so it’s best to see an expert. Hopefully you won’t need to though :slight_smile:

Karen x