Don't know what this is...

Hi all, Just looking for some advise, I’ve mentioned that I was diagnosed nearly two years ago with transverse myelitus, completely lost the use of my right hand and wrist and speech went weird. When my hand and wrist was slowly repairing itself I went through pain in my elbow joint and my index finger was aching. Today out of the blue I have the ache back in my elbow and index finger and that finger feels sensitive to touch. I assumed back then that the pain was nerve pain from where it was repairing itself, we’ll that’s what my doctor told me. Am I to assume that a repair can still be taking place and that’s why I have this pain again? Is it too late for it to be repairing itself further? Don’t know what’s going on?

I had surgery done to have a ganglion cyst removed and my nerves got all jangled up in the process of having to get the cyst out. I still get nerve pain from it and it’s coming up to the three years old now.

Slightly different situation, but I would assume that if you’ve done anything to overwork the area you could still get pain. I suggest you go back to your GP if you haven’t already just to be safe.

Take care,

Tsuki xx


Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but (a) repairs themselves don’t hurt, that I know of - lingering pains are from damage that either hasn’t been repaired yet, or was repaired imperfectly, and (b) it’s unlikely to get new pain now, from an episode that happened two years ago. Renewed pain after such a length of time (any time after 30 days, in fact) is clinically deemed a separate episode.

For this reason, I think you need to look on it as a new development, and report it, as it may change your diagnosis.

It’s just possible that sometimes, when you have an infection, or if you’ve been under a lot of stress (physical or emotional), symptoms from old damage can be reactivated. In that case, it’s not a genuine new episode, it’s just that the repaired parts are never quite perfect again, so although they may work fine under normal circumstances, when something comes along to upset the balance, you may get “reminders” of the old trouble. So if you know you’ve been overdoing things, or have been ill recently - even a cold/sore throat - it might just be that.

But if there’s been nothing to make you a bit under-the-weather, report it as a new episode.



I am big time stressed at the moment, few arguments with partner and my dad has altzheimers & me and my sister are having to sort out live in care for him as his lady friend left him! I felt a bit run down last night and went to sleep for 2 hrs after work yesterday, then Sunday I carried a load of shopping bags that were probably too heavy. So here’s me hoping it could have been further repairs!!! If it stays this way and doesnt result in anything new shall I not bother with the doctors? Because if it doesn’t get any worse I did have this in the resolve of the first attack so is it classes as old symptoms and not somesort of new relapse? Sorry for all the questions. Teresa xxx Thank you all for your help.

Hi Teresa,

If there has been known stress and/or over-exertion in the past few days, maybe wait a few days, to see if your symptoms improve by themselves. If it’s a genuine relapse, it usually won’t get better just because the stress has eased, but if it’s just a short-term reaction to a tough week, it will usually improve as the situation does. People who’ve had one or more episodes may always be a bit vulnerable to a resurgence of old symptoms at times of extra pressure, or if they get ill with anything else. But that doesn’t always mean it’s a genuine relapse. A genuine relapse would be new symptoms, OR a flare-up of old ones, with no external factors to explain it - i.e. no infections, not stressed, haven’t knowingly overdone things. If symptoms still persist even after any temporary aggravation has eased, then it might be a proper relapse.