Don't know what is wrong

I’ve been an emotionally wreck I find myself crying without any cause, I can spend hours secluded breaking down in tears sobbing. I’ve also broken down in front of family and friends on occasions.

I don’t have a diagnosis despite being told the only explanation is ms, several weeks back I could see shadows my GP referred me to the emergency eye clinic to rule out a detached retina and possible episode of ON I have a history of ON.

Fortunately it was not a detached retina my vision is 6/24 and 6/5, the ophthalmologist opinion was given the past history of ON this was another episode which was attacking the back of the eye which he could not see. Colours were 100% but I had slow pupil reaction.

I was told the only thing the ophthalmologist could do was high does steroids but due to other medical conditions it would be a risk that he would not want to take. For the pain he said to bear it and if it is intolerable then to get referred back again to the emergency eye clinic and they would decide what to do.

I’ve seen a few neuros over the past several years unfortunately the neuros could not help me or point me elsewhere. They are too busy to read referral letters properly and a patients medical notes. The more they can see the more money they get.

I’m at a point in my life again where I just want to stop taking any of my medication I’ve done this in the past I don’t see a point in taking any of them.

I was referred again to neurology at first I was refused an appointment because I should use a local hospital rather than travelling to the hospital I was referred too what happened to the NHS constitution and the right to be able to choose where one wants to be referred, it’s not like the neurologist was going to pay for my travelling costs. Do these people really care or is it just a farce?

I was referred again only to get a telephone call informing me that more information was needed from previous neuro consultations, I discussed this with my GP who said they know each others contact details and can request the relevant information they need.

I understand neurology is a complicated field of medicine but why do these people show up for work when they are not even willing to do the basics themselves. I’m not asking for good bedside manners the neuros should have the decency to at least put in some effort, countless other people are suffering due to it being easy to qualify as a neurologist.

I wish when I fall asleep I don’t wake up again. I’ve had enough.


You say you find yourself crying without any cause, but that’s not true - from reading your post you’ve got plenty of reasons to cry. By the sounds of it you’ve been passed around by the neuros, without anyone making you feel cared for at a time when you really need someone to care for you like never before. So of course you’re going to cry, as this is a hugely emotional & distressing time.

If I were you, I’d book an appointment with your GP. Getting 2 appointments might be an idea - one to see about getting antidepressants & referred to a counsellor, and one to explain to your GP all the problems you’ve had with the neurologists. Hopefully your GP will then be able to help you get a neurologist who will take ownership.

Sorry I can’t help more.



Take a look at this website.

You do sound depressed but what you have been experiencing is enough to depress most people.

There is a customer help number, so at least you can share your story with them and get some advice.

Good luck xx