Don't know if MS related but...

Cramp / spasm in ribcage, arms, feet, knees - at night in a warm bed. Unusual because cramp normally only happens when I’m cold. Never had it in more than one place at a time before. Don’t know if MS related but whatever it is, it’s bloody painful!

Hello Get it every night in a warm bed, makes me jump up and press my legs to the floor, sometimes in my legs, feet or hand I take a Tizanidine 2mg tablet and then it goes away for 2 hours , then starts again and I take another tablet, been on them since 2010. It is very painful like you say.

Magnesium can ease problems with spasm & cramp and is a beneficial mineral. A bit of stretching helps too.

Whammie said exactly what I was going to. However, if you take any anti biotics for uti’s, Magnesium supplement can mean a lot of antibiotics for uti’s may not work properly for you. I get the restless legs syndrome, painful spasms, leg jerks etc. As soon as I was told not to take Magnesium due to the regular uti’s, I changed my night routine. I now take the g.p. Prescribed evening meds as normal, then massage Voltarol gel into my lower back, hips & both legs half an hour before sleeping. Maybe Nytol or a simple sedative like Rescue Remedy can help your muscles to relax. Anything is worth a try when nerve pain is unbearable at 3a.m isn’t it. Good luck Chrissie x