Dont drop your iPhones

I was dragged out of bed this morning by our daughter to sort out her iPhone

So much for me laying in bed to recuperate after my busy week

Sun shining at last here in Margate . I am typing this as five green Parakeets fight to get to the garden bird feeders oops I lied there is now six of them.


Morning Don.

No sun here in Sussex. Bacon sandwiches after a long disturbed night. Just the ticket!

We had an iphone photo crisis about 10 months ago. It took some dogged persistence to get back the entire collection, mostly of Rose from the day of her birth. Luckily I managed to download them onto the laptop, then the external hard drive. Do we rely too much on the phone to do everything? My wife has a perfectly good compact camera but everything goes on the phone! Is it just asking for trouble?

My mobile phone is somewhere around underneath a pile of unopened junk mail probably needing a charge. I suppose it’s justified by its convenience-and it’s quite handy when we’re away from home. Oh modern life. Where’s my parchment and quill?

Best wishes, Steve.

Steve, l found some old photos of me - l think about 54 yrs ago. They were taken when we were on holiday - camping and l was making friends with a lovely donkey. Now - this week at last l have my own donkeys. The camera was a little box Brownie - and the film, was developed at home, by my dad with a ‘kit’ he had bought. Super pics - and they have never faded. l think l prefer the old type camera with a film that you had developed. So good to have the actual snaps at hand.

Love to Sussex - l use to live in a little village between Arundel and Worthing. Miss it terribly. Since l left the roads have become so busy. Now l am in Worcs/Wark borders - and it is much quieter. The Cotswolds and Malverns are wonderful - but still miss not being able to get to a beach and of course the South Downs Way.

Now we are surrounded by Felix Dennis’s forest. Before he died - he planted 3,000 acres of open countryside to hard wood forest. lt is surrounded by deer proof fencing. lt will not be grown in my lifetime - and l am not sure l am in agreement with it. l do realise it is to help with global warming. But the loss of the view! Felix Dennis made 1/2 £Billion which is left for this forest. Most of his money was made from porn!

I detest mobiles they are useful and intrusive at the same time my mobile only comes out for emergencies and trips to hospital. My last one the credit lasted years.

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I keep getting told off by my daughter. I’m supposed to have my phone charged and on my person at all times in case of an emergency. I keep planning on making a little bag for it I can clip to my clothing to shut her up. They do come in handy and I should use it I know but keep forgetting or losing it.

I love going through old photos, I never think to print them any more. At least now I’m not paying a fortune for pics of people with no heads or sky any more though.

Cath x

Cath my daughter wanted the photos to named off to get printed it is so cheap now our other daughter had hundreds done I haven’t had photos printed in years but have two vintage cameras I blog about with films in. It is them cost that is stopping me the are medium format find and its about eighteen quid to develop and print.