Don'r Call Me That!

In this day of everybody being oh so politically correct I was shocked yesterday to be called an “invalid”. I’ve been quadroplegic with MS for 18yrs and been called “spaz” and “monger” and other names by kids in the street and I take no notice or even laugh.To be called an “invalid” by an educated person in everyday speech is being called worthless.I know it’s said without malice but it’s an insult to me. It is a noun that should be looked upon as the n word to describe a coloured person.What right has anyone got to call a disabled or differently abled person “invalid”. What do other people think about this?

hi mollcat

i understand your feelings on the matter but the person who said it obviously has no idea how offensive it is.

if its someone you see a lot of i would have a chat to him/her about your feelings.

if you’re unlikely to see this person again just put it down to defect in that person!

carole x

Hello mollcat. I don’t practice nursing anymore but when I did, “invalid” is a word not I or any other medical person would use.

Why would we need to?? Goodness! I thought that was a label that belonged well in the past. Even educated people can be ignorant I’m afraid to say. Your absolutely right the word should never be used.

Take care.

Hi, I agree with you about that word, mainly as it has 2 meanings;

invalid…a less able bodied person

invalid…out of date…worthless…like an old passport or a guarantee…useless

I think the word goes back to the days of those little blue, 1 person invalid carriages type of cars, given to the less able.

So maybe the person who called you that belongs to a useless era, eh?

If you see them again, why not give them a lesson in verbal etiquette?

luv Pollx

…Can quite understand use of the term …after all, it wasn’t all that long ago that we were claiming “Invalidity Benefit” before ESA came along.

As Pigpen suggested, either have a quiet word or write it off to experience …whichever is most appropriate.

I’m sure there are plenty of other terms that are more offensive?!!


It is one of those words which went out of use because of its inadequacy. During my time as a teacher the term for pupils with special needs changed quite regularly. I still find it surprising how many “intelligent” people have no real comprehension of MS-even those who’ve known me for a long time. Best wishes, Steve