Does this sound familiar

I am awaiting a spine MRI having seen the neurologist for the first time last wk. My symptoms started a yr ago when suddenly out of the blue, both arms would go extremely heavy and weak and there were shooting pains in them. After a few mins it eased but they had that bruised feeling for quite a while after. Just lately I have been getting a lot of pains in my legs and tingling in both hands several times a day. I get very painful pins and needles at night which wakes me up.
I also find myself forgetting words and I can feel quite muddled sometimes. The other thing I’ve noticed is sometimes, very occasionally, I can’t swallow properly which then makes me quite panicky. Can any of you wonderful warriors relate to these symptoms? xx

I rarely get shooting pains or a bruised sensation, but I also don’t have spinal lesions. Whether MS or not, it’s my uneducated opinion that there’s definitely something off with your spine.

For the swallowing issues, do your best to stay calm (Yes; I know that’s easier said than done!). For now, make sure you carefully cut your food into toddler-sized pieces so that there’s less chance of choking on it. Take a drink of liquid after each bite to help the food go down. If it continues, you might want to switch to soft foods for a while.

For your legs, try elevating them and don’t restrict them. You may need to change your pajama style or find a way to elevate the blankets.