Does my situation sound like I could possibly have MS?

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I need some questions answered to see my possibility of developing MS. I have multiple symptoms described on this site and I need some answeres.

Hi sdneil1923

Unfortunately, predicting the possibility of developing MS is a ‘How long is a piece of string?’ type of question.

If you have an immediate family (blood) relative who has MS, it can increase the possibility of you developing MS, or you may never develop MS.

For instance, my eldest brother developed MS in the 1980s; his daughter developed MS in her late 20’s and I was diagnosed with MS in 2022. My brother’s other children, our siblings and their children have not developed MS.

If you haven’t already, see your GP, get your blood tested for thyroid issues, vitamin deficiencies etc. and ask for a referral to a Neurologist, as they are best placed to determine whether you have MS or not.
for a referral to see a Neurologist if you haven’t already, as they will be best placed to work out whether or not you have MS.

What symptoms do you have that make you worry that it could be MS ?

Unfortunately no one on this site is qualified to give you answers.

Have you seen your GP and what have they said ?

Many symptoms of MS can be due to other problems and will need to be ruled out first.

The only person who can diagnose MS is a neurologist and you will need to have an MRI scan or series of MRIs and tests and possibly a lumbar puncture to determine this.

If you feel something is seriously wrong please see your GP if you haven’t already.

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