"Does my brain look big in this" read the article..

Journalist Siobahn Norton tells her story of getting an MS diagnosis and how she reacted to the process in the Independent and the ‘i’ today.

I think each of us will identify with at least some of it.

Read it here…


I really like this article, thanks for sharing it Ben.

Oddly enough, when my fairly extreme symptoms appeared me and my bf would call my condition ‘fat brain’. And my excuse for all my weirdness was, ‘oh, it’s not me, it’s my fat brain’! Then I quipped ‘does my brain look big in this enhanced MRI scan?!’ and it became a thing! People’s coping mechanisms are so different…I guess I identify with Siobhan’s article as she uses ‘gallows humour’ like I do.

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Thanks Ben. Good article. Don’t do newspapers so wouldn’t have seen it. Can relate a lot to it !

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