Does MS hug feel like this?

A Band around my lower ribs that makes my ribs feel like they want to explode. Waking me up at night, It started on my right side then traveled accross to the other and eventually felt like it was alround my body. Its just starting to fade now after about 5 days.

Hi I can’t comment on MSHug proper as have no dx; I have had about 7 episodes in 6 years of what I though was shingles with itchy skin and awful rib pain to one side only. Sometimes have had slight blistering spots also. Always appears at times of stress. At the moment as not too good having the rib pain daily. Are you dx? Thanks Ally

Yes it feels like a band around your ribs as the muscles between your ribs go into spasm. At it’s worst it felt like a boa constrictor that was squashing my insides. It’s still a bit tight now and again, especially when I’ve eaten too much or over done things. I find I need to sit up straighter and wear looser clothes.


thanks for getting back to me, no I am not dx. I did not think it was related until in suddenly disappeared as quickly as it came. On the last day of having it I did go and get checked out and doc said it was something to do with my last ribs as they where really soreand tender rather than something like gallstones. When it stopped pain arrived down left leg and arm and the muscle twiching came in my thighs and arms. So something is brewing. Went to bed yesterday afternoon as I could not keep awake and this morning feel like I am hung over.

Hello Medion I am diagnosed and wonder if I get the ms hug. There are days when I just have to take my bra off…it feels sore and tight…sometimes it’s just one side that’s effected. xx

Same for me blossom, the hug and bras don’t work :smiley:

I’m not dx, but have periods of time when I can’t stand wearing a bra as my ribs are so sore and feel so tight.

I have been known, on occasions, to go to remove my bra as it feels so tight and uncomfortable, only to remember that I’d alread removed it hours ago!

It’s a horrible feeling, and sometimes makes me feel as if I can’t breathe properly.

I am dx and I get what I think is the MS hug, very rarely. I get a pain around the bottom of my ribs

on one side - never all the way round. Feels tight and has a burning sensation.

I suppose it doesn’t matter what your pain is caused by - its how you get it treated. I would reccomend

seeing your GP to get pain killers for when it strikes. I have amatriptaline and baclofen for emergency use.