Does it get easier?

One minute i was perfect health then several months later struggling to walk, and my eyes started seeing floaters in front of my vision, seeing a specialist who diagnosed me with Uveitis, been reading alot on here, my balance has gone can’t even take my daughter to school had a terrible gp said it’s just minor artharitis yeah right, i got stiff legs hands and feet all the time does it ever go away does the vision get any better? Been like this for a year almost but my walking has gotten so bad i don’t leave the house except for gp or hospital appointments.

I got so much weakness in my legs i stepped into a black cab a few weeks ago got one leg in as i lifted other the weakness of my leg gave way collasped to floor so sat there all way home had no strength my dad takes my little girl to school and my mum picks her up it just feels like it’s not going to get better my family expect me to be cured but i don’t have much hope.

My new gp ran all bloods they was normal he has refered me to neurologist waiting for an appointment on nhs i get so much back ache so painful, and fatique, usinf steriod drops but they don’t help i have all the sythoms of ms i guess i am in shock because this time last year i was in perfect health now i can’t even walk far without loss of balance and pain and borrowed crutches without them i couldn’t walk at all i struggle just getting in and out of bath i get numness and tingling spasm in my legs problems with my bladder bloating and feel constipated fatique i get enough sleep but the tiredness is so bad this post is just a question sorry if i repeasted anything just want to know if it gets easier some days it gets me down :frowning:

I know i am not alone just would like things to get better feel like i’m so old and i am only 34…


P.S. sorry for long post.

Oh my poor you, we all get our good days and bad days, it goes hand in hand with MS. I’m sure when you see your neuro they will run some tests on you like a MRI and that would give them a clearer picture of why you are having these problems. When you see your neuro give a clear concise list of your problems (write them on paper) putting the worst first, but whatever you do don’t tell them you’ve been looking it up on the net. Also take someone in with you as it’s hard to remember all of what is said. Do let us know how you get on and remember we are all here for you. Janet x

Thank you i will do i’ll write a list before i go just hope my walking and other problems like my vision and stiffness eases once i get the right medication.