Does it annoy you when...

Do you ever have people question you when you tell them how tired you’ve been feeling lately, whether it is your MS and not just normal tiredness?

“Are you sure it’s your MS?” I hate that question! It makes me angry for some reason, I’m generally very laid back and relaxed. I know it’s not the worse thing about MS and I appreciate there are bigger things to worry about. But I mean no-one knows better than you what kind of tired you are, and there is a difference between tiredness and MS fatigue that you will understand if you experience it.

Anyway, I have had to take a day off to visit a doctor because I work away from home during the week so it’s always a difficult decision when i do this, especially when your on a short term contract that gets renewed month by month, and to have someone question me like that just gets to me. Do you know what I mean?

Thanks, just had to have a gentle rant. :slight_smile:

me too!


no i havent experienced this…

no matter what they are asking my response (smiling!) is something along the lines of…dont feel sorry for me, i think your affliction is much more serious and worrying than mine-ignorance. (this can be tweeked depending on who u r talking with and how much you want to p them off!)

disclaimer, i am not responsible for their re/action-only my own!


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HSP does that fatigue thing too…It`s the pits when it hits and I just HAVE to lie down…But I have to wait for help when I sling and hoist up. Sometimes I could sleep mid air!!!