Does everyone with MS suffer temporary paralysis to some degree?


I have exhibited various symptoms which relate to MS but have never experienced paralysis of any sort. I note that temporary paralysis/loss of limb function is a common first symptom in MS. Does this mean what I have is not MS?

What I’m really asking is has anyone here been diagnosed with MS who did not suffer any paralysis/loss of limb function?

thanks for any replies

Lots of people have been diagnosed with MS who did not suffer any paralysis. (Me included.) In fact, I would hazard a guess that most are.

Loss of function could refer to numbness, weakness or sensory disruption because all of these things can mean that a bit of the body doesn’t work properly. Those symptoms I would say that everyone with MS gets in one form or another at one stage at least.

No one with MS gets every possible symptom. Equally, someone with nearly all possible MS symptoms may not have MS. That’s because there are literally hundreds of possible causes for the same neurological symptoms. It’s how, where, when and why they have those symptoms that leads to diagnosis, much more than what the symptoms are.

Karen x