Does Digestion Cause Fatigue.?

Hello all

I have been recovering from a relapse for some time. These last few days I have gone from utter despair at being unable to do anything around 5:00pm, to feeling relatively comfortable two hours later.

I had dinner just before five o’clock and I am wondering whether it is common to feel fatigued while digesting a meal.


What did you eat I have a intolerance to food additives if I inadvertently eat something containing them it knocks the feet from me for a while.

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Well digestion cause release of heat. I remember a thread on the new diagnosis board on the MS effects. Does getting warm trigger fatigue with you?

But how many calories does it burn!!!



Is that like saying “if I eat this slab of carrot cake which has 4,250 calories, it’ll use up 4,000 calories to digest it so in actual fact it’s only 250 calories”.

That sounds like an excellent way to look at food.



Well, in my experience it only used to cause me to take a pullover off after a heavy meal then during one relapse it seemed to cause a brain dead fatigue feeling rather than the after dinner snooze of the healthy. Didn’t make any difference to my BMI!

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I suffer terrible indigestion which can be exhausting !!

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l try not to eat carbs - as l find they sap my energy levels - and give me lBS. l eat high fat - low carb - and it does really make a difference. Good for weight loss.

lf l weaken and eat a doughnut - or similar - l suffer for it. lt uses so much energy to digest carbs.

Yes it does. I was thinking of the effort that your body puts into digesting food though.

I find certain foods will leave me feeling lethargic, like things made with white flour, or fatty meats like lamb & pork.

And as Vithfari says, eating raises our body temperature, which can then have a knock-on effect on MS. You could try running a cold tap & holding your wrists under the water for a couple minutes. Bend your wrists back so the veins are exposed. This will cool your blood down, which then goes round your whole body & cools you down.


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I think most people feel sleepy after a heavy meal - it’s not an m.s thing.

I find the less I eat the better I feel.


A small proportion. I can’t remember figures - it’s a long time since I was told.