does anyone use gp nurse to inject weekly?


Just wondered if anyone chooses to go to the gp surgery to have Avonex injected. I have such a terrible needle phobia that I am contemplating doing this.

I am still trying to make a decision on which dmd to have, I keep flitting from one to the other, it is such a tough decision as the drawbacks from each one seem hard to cope with judging from what I have read. I’m veering towards Avonex as it’s only once a week and that way I won’t suffer the flu symptoms several times during a week. But, I seem to be down a lot of the time lately and have mood changes so I’m worried this drug will make it worse.

So then I’m looking at copaxone as there is no added danger of depression or flu symptoms BUT then you get the bad site reactions and poss lipotrophy and can I really inject myself every day.

I’m feeling so frustrated with myself as I cannot make a decision ( even after reading the ms decisions website ) and at times I feel like saying sod it I won’t take anything but I seem to be feeling worse and worse as the days go by and new symptoms are appearing so I know I must take something.

MS is on my mind when I go to sleep and when I wake up…the sad thing is that even if I won the lottery I would still feel kind of hopeless as I know I’m never going to get rid of this disease. Sorry for all the depressive talk coming out of me, I need a good kick ( or a needle ) in the backside.

Anyway, back to the original question about getting a nurse to do weekly jabs. Would anyone also know if nurses are allowed to give a weekly autoinjector as opposed to the syringe jab or do you have to do them yourself and has anyone experienced muscle breakdown as a result of Avonex injections?



Many of us are in the thick of coming to terms with having MS in the first place when suddenly we are faced with a choice of treatments, ‘oh and by the way they all involve sticking needles into yourself and you don’t have a problem with that, do you?’ and somehow it just all seems to be beyond a joke and adding insult to injury. For the present, however, needles are part of the deal. It’s a bugger, but there you go.

Can practice nurses do it for you? I expect so - I suggest you make enquiries with your GP. It would be a nuisance for you, though - there’s much to be said for being independent in terms of how and when you inject. But don’t underestimate yourself. Most of us find that we just get on and do what we have to do, and there is a good chance that you will too. I can see that it might be helpful for you to have a plan B, though, if the nurse who teaches you how to inject does not persuade you to give it a go under your own steam.

Back to your question. I was on Avonex for many years. I don’t know what muscle breakdown is, so I’ve obviously never had it! And I always used thighs (and pretty much the same bits every time, too) because they were the bits I was used to injecting into, so I reckon each thigh must have had around 250 shots over the years. I can confirm that they are exactly as gorgeous now as they have ever been!

One main plus is absolutely no site reactions (I remember thinking site reactions sounded pretty trivial but now I know better, having heard about the difficulties they can cause people who are on the other drugs.) Another is (as you say) only once a week, so you do it and then put it out of your mind for a week.

Good luck with your choice.



Hi Anne-Marie,

I go weekly to my gp surgery for an injection of methotrexate which is for Ankylosing Spondylitis, even though I have SPMS. So why don’t you ask at your doc’s if it would be a possibility for the nurse to do it for you. Unfortuntely I can’t give you any advice with regards to your choice of drugs as I have no experience of them. Hope this helps.



I go to the nurse every week to have my Avonex injection, you’ll be fine if you have a nice friendly nurse to inject you. I occasionally get a horrible one who seems to begrudge having to inject me! I am now waiting to try the auto injector so can’t say if the nurse would do it with that or not. As for muscle breakdown I’ve been on it a year and not had that, only bruises every time. Good luck with your desicion making

hi anne-marie, ive been self injecting avonex once a week with the auto pen for 6 months now and i must say that after the 3-4 times of doing the injection myself it becomes as a matter of course, good luck… tc.

I use the Avonex pen, I inject myself and the only time I really see the needle is after I pull it out of my leg to dispose of the pen. It’s painless, quick and after you have used it a few times you don’t even think about doing it anymore.

I chose Avonex because it’s once a week which seemed the longest i could choose and because the pens while easy to use are relatively simple in design limiting what could go wrong. You aren’t using a syringe or a motorized contraption it looks exactly like a diabetes pen.