Does anyone understand this ?

I’ve had an MRI and apparently the scan shows no lesions that are ‘typical of MS’. But the report states ’ There is a well defined lesion in the right frontal lobe communicating with the side ventricle. Its signal characteristics are those of the CSF. This is either a congenital defect or an old infart’.

Does anyone understand what this means? I’ve been suffering with increasing mobility problems for the past six months, have ‘up going plantar’ reflex, no reflexes in my ankles and (from today’s examination) no reflex in my right knee. Propreoception below my knees is non existent and I’ve no vibration sense below the knees.

I’m desperate to get back to normal but nobody seems to know what is wrong!!!

The word lesion just means damage so it’s applied to loads of things.

Well-defined means with clean edges - as if someone had drawn the outline.

CSF is the fluid in the central nervous system - the stuff that they draw off to test with a lumbar puncture. It is a bit like the oil in an engine.

This lesion is in the right, front half of your brain.

I’m not sure what it means by “communicating with”, but I would guess that it means touching although I suppose it could potentially mean that there is some sort of sharing of fluid between the lesion and the ventricles (which are the reservoirs of CSF in the brain), but I’m pretty doubtful about that one.

Signal characteristics refers to how the area responds to different types of scan. What the report is saying is that this lesion was the same shade of gray as the ventricles in all the scans - so black when the CSF was black and white when it was white. This means that this lesion contains normal fluid.

The brain is bathed in CSF so it gathers in all the holes and crevices. It can’t gather in lesions that are due to inflammation because there is no hole; they are actually swollen. So the presence of CSF points towards it being a congenital defect (something you were born with) or an old infarct (basically a hole left by something like a mini stroke).

Either would mean that it cannot be responsible for your symptoms.


Karen x

Thank you Karen.