Does anyone see Dr Overell, Southern General?

I just found out Dr Overell is leaving NHS and going abroad to work, I am absolutely gutted, been seeing him for past 10 years and if it werent for him I would have 2 conditions undiagnosed - as well as MS I have Chairi Malformation and Episodic Ataxia both conditions I was born with and troubled with for 34 years. And was him that had me tested and got confirmed diagnosis. Dont think I will have another neuroligist as understanding as him. NHS loosing a great Doctor.

Oh nooooo! He’s my neurologist and I couldn’t ask for a better one!! I have an appointment with him for August 2020…is he definitely not coming back? What an utter shame, he’s the best!

I have appt for him in july, foned his secretary to change and she said he going abroad to work and they dont know who will be covering

Maybe it’s temporary? I saw him in December.

I asked him if my 2020 appointment was a mistake because the date is so far off and he said it’s his normal return appointment time frame.

I just seen him in November, and he never said anything, but secretart said today the staff are all gutted he is leaving and dont know whats going to happen. He will be big loss to NHS.

I always get told to make next available appt. Saw him november and next avail appt was July, but I see him over at Stonehouse hospital as is closer, he has clinic there evert 2nd Tuesday. And always seem to get an appt within 6 months. Cant see me getting that with another Neurologist.

Let’s just hope there will be another good one coming…