Does anyone know ...

if i can get my mri report from the doctors recerptionist?

The neuros secretary has just rang and told me she has recieved the report and has just faxed it to my doctors surgery .I did ask her but she said she is not qualified to say ,so im assuming neither is a doctors receptionist ?

My doctor is away now until tues (she is only there on a tues)so can anyone else tell me what it says ? The doc told me any inflamation and ive got to go to hospital for a few days for steroids as my symptoms are quite bad now :frowning:

Sam x

Hi Sam, I doubt very much if the receptionist can, but if you can get an appointment with another doctor at the surgery they should be able to.

Pat x

Hello Sam,

I agree with what Pat has said, a receptionist wouldn’t be able to tell you but there’s nothing to stop you seeing another doctor at your practice.