Does anyone know???

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone knew if you buy a box of chocolates for examle can your MS nurse can accepted them or not?

The only reason I'm asking is I want to show how much i am thankful for all her help.

Thanks in advance if anyone cam help

Allie x

Over the years mine have been happy to accept both chocolates and champagne [a generous year] so unless your hospital has some draconian policy I don’t see why not.


Thanks Liz

I will buy some chocolates for her and try not to eat them as on diet.

Hi Allie,

When public employees have a gift policy it is usully because they could potentially confer benefit on the giver. For example a local government officer who could award contracts. This does not really apply to nurses and in any case a box of chocolates would hardly constitute a bribe! (However I could be persuaded to do many things for chocolate!)



Same here Jane

and sorry all for the spelling mistakes was having a bad morning


If it's to be shared chocolates, if it's for one person a bottle of vino......chocolates are the safest okay bet :)