Does anyone else get occasional anxiety?

Sometimes I get irrational anxiety. It’s irrational because there’s no basis at all for what. I feel when it kicks in. It’s started again now as I’m due my monthly friend, and seems to be worse at around this time. The thoughts I get are the fear of people hating me or finding fault with everything I do. Now, as I say, there’s no basis for this but when those thoughts kick in it feels quite real. :s anyone else get this? Xxx

Hello Beverly

I used to feel like you describe…it’s an horrible feeling, then it calmed down thankfully once my period started.

My daughter is staying here at the moment and she gets pmt too. She says she doesn’t!!..I know different…I bear the scars

I am so glad to be passed all that no

There are things you can get that can help to relieve the symptoms.

Take care xx

Thanks Hun, it must be PMT :s I can’t wait for the day when they stop lol. I’m on Fluoxetine for that and energy release, but I might try and get something else for it. Thanks xxxx

Women Beverly!!! We are slaves to our hormones :slight_smile: Seriously though, besides the pmt it could relate to the MS and where brain lesion are but that’s just me thinking :slight_smile: Enjoy the weekend :slight_smile:

Tell me about it. I cursed the day I started the dreaded monthly a. When I was younger( after having my kids) the nhs would not allow me to have a total removal lol :s yep, I’m feeling a lot better today, had a decent nights sleep and recovered from gardening the other day :slight_smile: Have a lovely weekend yourself xxxxxx