Does anyone else experience this type of pain?

My shoulder blades feel like they snap together like an open book that is closed together suddenly trapping my spine in the middle, causing me severe pain that actually makes me cry out (I don’t usually cry out with pain). The severe pain only tends to last for 30-50 seconds then I feel like I have to straighten my shoulders back out again, it leaves the area across my shoulders and my spine, feeling tender for a while and I feel really anxious in case it happens again, there have been times I have experienced it four times in the space of 20 minutes other times it has only happened the once.

I don’t feel I am doing anything to trigger it, I have told my MS nurse but she felt because it was not regular and lasting she didn’t want to prescribe anything.

Does anyone else experience this?


ouch! debbie, that sounds nasty.

could you see a neuro physio, they may be able to help.

it’s the weirdest illness ever this ms!

our immune systems must lie awake at night thinking of new ways to torture us.

hope you get some relief soon

carole xx

that sounds nasty, it also sounds like it might be similar to what i have, which i THINK is ‘L’hermitte’s sign’, try looking it up?! i’m most likely to get a ‘shock’ sensation if my head is tilted forward when i yawn, although, i sometimes seem to just be getting shock after shock for days. the shock explodes across my left shoulder blade and up my neck to my jaw. i can cut the shock short if i hold my head up as high as i can, stretching my spine, especially my neck up straight. this almost feels like i’m short circuiting the shock?!

i hope you find something that works for you,

wendy x

Hi Carole and Wendy,

Thanks for replying, I am due to see MS nurse again in two weeks I will ask if I can see Neuro physio again, ( I used to see them regarding mobility issues)

I have suffered L’hermittes’s in the past giving me the ‘shock’ sensation like you say. maybe this is another variation of it, I hope I can find a way to cut this pain short, it just comes on so quick I don’t have time to think, just cry out.

Thanks again