Dodgy PM's

Beware of dodgy PM’s from Hazina Samuel seeking a relationship, as I suspect a request for bank details will soon follow.

But have you won millions of dollars/Euros in a lottery you didn’t actually buy a ticket for? winkI’m holding out for a windfall from the ex-finance minister (sadly deceased) when I move his ill-gotten gains into the UK myself laugh


Even better, I got a mail from an outfit that will help me to get EU citizenship.

When I looked at their website, they will help me to become a legal citizen of Malta or Cyprus, or Lithuania. It is obviously amed at the economic migrants as an alternative to the people smugglers. I wonder if “Call me Dave” got one.


Thank god it’s only someone after the money we already have. There is a PM in London who wants to make sure the money you will get in the future gets smaller and smaller (aided and abetted if course by that slimy ars****e IDS).


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Sorry Gary but I think it’s only fair that you’re accurate as someone may think you’re being bias… it’s not a pm it’s. A DODGY pm. I think that otherwise you may come across as having a left-wing agenda, God forbid :0)

Well, they don’t come much more dodgy than “Call me Dave”