Documenting MS

Hi everyone, hope life is being kind today.

I read Golden Girl’s answer to a recent post re: fatigue and now wonder if anyone has actually video’d a day in their MS world. There are enough of us on this site in all different situations that have very different but difficult days. I have spent today mostly on the floor and crawling when I can because my body won’t hold me upright (hopefully tomorrow will be better). Lol if I was a cat this would be normal! People in the non MS world might then get an insight into what is happening in our world. Linda x

Hi Linda, I can relate to your experience. When I had a pseudo relapse by an infection I had very heavy legs like sandbags around my ankles. I had to crawl around the flat. The only time I could walk was in the middle of the night when I went to the loo. It must have been to do with me being very rested at this time.