Doctor not taking me seriously


Looking for some advice because 2 gps and a practice nurse aren’t taking me seriously and all are assuming I’m a hypochondriac. But I would prefer to have a neurologist belittle me than a rank and file gp. I’m a male and 44 years old.

Anyway, my issues over the last 3 years (barring the back issue):

7 years ago: Terrible lower right sided back pain. Disc bulge which was diagnosed via an mri.

3 years ago: Bowel issue - body seems to be intolerant to fatty fats. They go through me and have a stich like pain located where my liver is… I get scans for my liver, gallbladder and pancreas and all are fine. GI doc is unmoved and awaits bloods. The suggestion is put to be to get my thyroid checked as this may be the cause. All bloods are picture perfect. I continue to have these issues to this day, but just get on with it. One positive, good for my waist line as I have had to cut very fatty foods (pizza etc) out of my diet.

2 years ago: Even though I’m a male, I begin to get terrible menopausal symptom such as dry flushing and headaches. Get sent to both an endocrine and oncology specialist to rule out carcanoid syndrome (type of slow growing cancer) also because bowel issues are a red flag too. 24 urine and full hormone panels come back normal. Also developed a very loud screeching left sided tinnitus that would get worse when i was feeling hot. Sent to audiology and I have 15% hearing lose in my left eat. Because it’s one sided, I get send for a head mri in case there’s some sort of tumour of the ear. MRI all clear.

8 months ago: Develop an numb patch just above my right knee, to the left. Get told due to my horrendous back issues a part of the nerve has been damaged - no tests to confirm this was the cause. Told if more appear or it spread, to go right back. If anything it has got smaller in area. When i say numb, I still have my cold, hot and sharp senses intact over the area. It just feels like I’ve had a local on the skin surface. Muscles seem to be fine to the touch.

4 weeks ago: I really need to prefix this with, the following issue appeared intermittently and only during the night for a month or so prior to the nightmare I’m now enduring. A horrendous restless feeling running from the top of my forearm to the top back of my hand and into my thumb, fore and index fingers. The time above, it would wake me up, but getting up and moving it around would sort things out. However, around 4 weeks ago it remained for nearly 48 hours. Couldn’t get any sleep at all. The sensation was awful. I had to go to the gp. Get told it’s RSI or a trapped nerve at the elbow. It then began to settle and went into a tingling feeling, and some twitching in my forearm and forefinger. After a few more days, the tingling subsided a little, but did see a nurse during this too. She said it sounded like a trapped nerve due to RSI type injury (due to my back I play a console a lot to pass the time). But there was zero ouch type pain. Still isn’t. Thought i had turned a corner, then it came back the other day again and lasted for two days, went away for a day and is back again. I was given a self referral for physio and a splint. The splint was awful. I couldn’t tolerate it. What I thought was a restless sensation is actually hypersensitivity. I can’t bear anything touching the back of my hand. Seen the gp again today because of the hypersensitivity. But again get told nothing to worry about. Just a nerve. I mentioned could this be something more, like a systematic issue - ms, she laughed me out of the surgery. I have rested my arm as instructed and followed the exercises. What worries me is the lack of pain and hypersensitivity.

Other than the lower back issues, I’ve had all these issues and no real answers other than the very basic umbrella conditions all gps like to use. I get I might be dealing with nothing, i might be dealing with 2 or 3 different things, but all the nerve stuff just seems to have come on over the last 8 months starting with the area above my knee. Sorry if this post comes across as being slightly arrogant, but I’ve barely slept in days due to the nerve issue. I’m at my wits end. I just need to know if I have a case to push my gp for a referral.