Do you?

I was just wondering.

I have never liked eggs and so I never eat them, does anyone else hate eggs here?

Just always wonder because of this disease.

Hey Moogie.I like eggs,not a big lover of them but I do like a sunny side up egg...Plus my nephew who is six loves them for his breakfast when he stays over.

Due to illness I have developed an oversion to dairy products.

Sorry, I can't see a connection?

What does not liking something have to do with MS?

I've never liked fish or liver.  I don't really like tomatoes, and never ate them in childhood.  I didn't drink tea until after I'd grown up and left home.

I suppose I can just about accept that fish avoidance probably wasn't brilliant for MS, as oily fish is supposedly beneficial.

But do I think that, or any other dietary preference is the reason I got MS?  Not at all.

The causes of MS are complex, and, to a large extent, still a mystery.  But I'm sure it has nothing to do with liking/not liking one particular food.




i only like the yolks and its the whites that are healthy.letdown


Couldnt decide what you have for lunch-boiled egg and salad it is-THANKS!

Ellie x

carole58 I to only like the yokes.

Vitimin D, good sources: fish, eggs, liver and mushrooms. So thats why I was wondering.

egg yolks are good vit K :)

Hate hate hate eggs! Bleuugghh. My most hated food. The look, smell and texture make me want to puke!
But I don’t think there is a connection xx

I've never really eaten eggs, but in the last few years it's as if I'm developing a mild intolerance to them - if I eat them, I feel (for want of a better word), minging.  Luckily I like, and can eat oily fish - have never liked mushrooms.  I think though, if I'm lacking in Vit D, it's more to do with staying out of the sun than diet (I'm a typical Celtic coloured Scot - red hair, blue eyes, very fair- almost pale blue skin that burns really quickly).  I take a daily Vit D supplement to try to help.

Luisa x

Ha, this reminds me of a tv programme I used to watch years ago. Follyfoot Farm.

A character used to say `eggs is good, eggs is`.

I always say if you`ve got an egg in the fridge and nowt else, you`ve got summat to eat!

I love eggs.

luv Pollx

This is why it irritates me that they don’t agree with me!

L x

The egg came out of something like a chicken,and when it hatched it was even more like a chicken. I digress,as the only good thing about eggs are meringues. I do like drawing faces on eggs, but after that I regard them as hateful, parentless, minging spawn.of the devil



MS43 I also watched FollyFoot Farm.