Do you suffer with this ??

I have relapse remitting ms and just finished a course of steroids and ok, but i keep getting a sensation of tricklying ( bad spelling ) down the right side of the face and followed by an horrendous ache and weakness in right arm and then leg which goes weak. The doctor think's ms is the culprit but he as just put my pain med's up even writing is kiiling  as i am right handed i just wanted to know do you have any tip's how to go about day to day. The other thing is i have internuclear opthalmopgiea and is active at the moment. My lesions are both optic nerves




I have had optic neuritis in both eyes on seperate occasions and I suffer with awful neuropathic pain from this. I have had funny trickling sensations before but not in my face and weakness in limbs but not always at the same time. I find reflexology is fantastic for pain relief and normally lasts about 1 month, I have been using it for 5-6 years to maintain good health. If my reflexologist is away for a long time and I have to wait over 4 weeks for treatment my pain comes back really badly. I know reflexology isn't for everyone and it's unfortunately not free on the NHS but this is how I cope with my 'eye' symptoms. It might be worth a shot?

Hope others can help with their ideas.

Good luck.


Hi Hazel.

Have to agree with BF i get reflexology once a month, and it does help.

Not free i agree it costs me £20 a time but feel like dancing after it.[well my feet could not the rest of me]