Do you still feel attractive?

As a female or a male do you still feel attractive/sexy with your partner or generally the opposite sex? Even if you don’t visibly look like you have ms, it can really mess with your head don’t you think? What can help?

aye-it messes wi yer heid-until u take control and stop it!

folk are too quick to beat theirselves up about what they cant do-no job,ugly,skint etc etc. what they often forget or play down is their qualities that make them unique. loving,helpful,skills to share etc. once you get the head/mind straight/strong then the benefits in all areas of ur life will develop/change. if folk cant see beyond the exhausted,faulty carcass (body!) and see the genuine qualities that a person has then they are the ones not seeing clearly…

‘the real magic lies in not seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’

so in short,do i still feel sexy/attractive to men?! hell yes-cos i have learned that i need to love me first before i can expect anyone else to!

ellie x

Ellie Great reply couldn’t have put it better. Do I still feel attractive/sexy? Most deffinatley my hubby reminds me all the time that I am :slight_smile: and because of that I always make the effort to make sure I do/am x

No, to be honest attractive is never really something I would have described myself as before…but manly or masculine was. I’m now physicaly weaker and fatter and more dependent on my female partner to carry things, do the driving, earn money, go shopping. I don’t feel I can protect her, I know sexualy things are not the same now and this all adds up to make me feel…well, not manly, not masculine.

I used to be quite confident/dominant, take control, sort it out kind of guy, I’ve lost most of that now. I’m not “me” anymore.

Sorry… I’m bringing negative vibes!

frost paw

i hear all that u are saying…

i was trying to say that the real ‘attractive’ issue is in ur head. i have been seeing a guy for over a year which has included the toughest months of my life and he hasn’t scarpered (we dont live together and see each other about once a month) but he still says i am still the weirdique lass he fell in love with-the fun loving crazy one that stood out fron anyone he has every met because of my acceptance of life and how i address it. i am also aware that we are all different so i guess the key is finding someone that views things similar to yourself. i can only assume that ur life loves you for what do offer-as i said in previous answer-we are all too quick to point out what we cant do. if you are lucky enough to be loved unconditionally then dont start to create problems-accept she loves you-end of!

right-i’ll shut up now! sometimes we are our own worst enemies!

ellie x

gosh-how many mistakes were in there?! the most obvious being-i meant wife loves you,not life loves you,duh!

ellie x

It’s ok, life loves me too.

As the song says, LMFAO - I'm Sexy And I Know It - YouTube or

- YouTube and if Right Said Fred are sexy, then any body is. Sorry couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

I used to have a crush on Richard Fairbrass in the '80’s!!!

Hi, well when I`m going out, i put my best clothes on with matching fashion jewellery and some tutty on. I style my hair and hope i look nice. It makes me feel nice.

But when I am caught in a mirror, in shops or lifts, all I can see is my very baggy eyes, thru broken sleep and oodles of drugs.

As far as being sexually attractive to my hubby of 40 years…nah, that ship sailed a long time ago.

Shame but there you go! Bit I do feel loved.

luv Pollx

To be honest I don’t think I felt attractive before MS but my hubby is wonderful and tells me when we go out and shows me in other ways :slight_smile:

Oh Pat don’t say that, from your posts and advice to others on here I think you would be very attractive, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Lynne xx

Hi MS has messed with my head in many ways, but not in this way. I am very lucky to have a fantastically loving and supportive hubby and lucky enough to have a love life on all levels !! We have only been married for nearly two years and still fancy the pants off each other !! Yes I’m fatter and weaker but that doesn’t alter the fact that inside I am still the same person that he fell for. Xx

I think they are all great posts.

I used to feel sexy etc. Now I feel old and fat. I need to lose about two and a half stone. Hubby has said that he does not find the extra weight appealing. He then tried to get out of it but he had said it. Said he was being honest. I can’t forget that. I did push him for the truth tho so I suppose it is my own fault.

I feel like I am in a vicious circle. Need to lose weight but with the depression I can’t find the energy to do it. I know it makes sense but I just can’t get there.


Hi Anne We can’t win, can we !!! We ask them to be honest…and then the truth hurts ! Luckily (as I’m four stone overweight) my hubby openly admits to preferring “curvy” and indeed I was even heavier when we met. I’m not sure what I would do if this weren’t the case. I don’t think it’s your “own fault” though…there is such a thing as a diplomatic, honest answer !! And I’m not sure that expecting our husband / wife to be the same person that we married however many years ago, is realistic. We lose / gain weight, get old, and all manner of changes. What about soldiers that come home, missing limbs ? That must have a huge impact both physically and emotionally but I would despise myself, if I thought this would alter the love that I felt. Xx

ive never felt attractive or pretty, i do everything i can now to make sure i dont, i dont wear nice clothes (always big n baggy), jewellery, make-up or anything like that, ill do anything i can to make sure people stay away from me n that i melt into the background and go invisible to others

Beauty is only skin deep everyone and quite often the most phsyically attractive people have horrible personalities and I think a great personality is much more attractive than a nice face, remember that! :slight_smile: I bet youre all amazing in your own personal ways xo.

Hahaha Pat that’s a good photo, I love your expression. Did you keep the green hair for very long?

Lynne xx

I never felt particularly attractive in the first place tbh and I don’t think I really feel any less attractive nowadays. My husband seems happy enough with me as I am and always have been. I try my best though as I always have done. Cheryl:-)

Dont they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I am sure being invisible is robbing someone of joy.