Do you read the blogs on this site?

I didn’t even know they existed and actually came across them through Twitter.

Go to ‘MS Support’ (above) and then down to Community Blogs. Well worth a read.

Seems it would be worthwhile to have a direct link from the forum home page… (Greg? Admin team?)

Pat x

Hi Pat

Thanks for the feedback.

They are a new feature for the new webiste and they have been getting quite a lot of postive reaction.

We plug them on the home page and on the Facebook page and we will, eventually, be able to feed them straight to the forum pages through one of our blocks on the right of the forum listing pages.

We’re still awaiting delivery of the software to do that but we will push it out as soon as its ready.

Greg [admin]

Hi Pat

Thanks for this, it is news to me. Will have a gander later.

Take care


Hi Pat

Yes i have read the blogs and posted on facebook, recently about peoples reactions when you use a w/c and can walk a few steps,and the reaction from the public when you stand up

,they all think to use a w/c you have to have lost the use of your legs altogether,grrrrrrrrrr it makes me so angry when it happens to me, i get dirty looks,and even comments at times, good job i dont really care what they think the idiots !!!

jaki xx

Yes Jaki that’s a great blog and I get the same reaction when I get off my mobility scooter… even though I have to unfold a walking stick and it’s very obvious my walking is very poor… but I suppose people just think that you simply cannot walk at all if you use one.

Pat x

Hello Pat I have had a read since you pointed them out and they are really interesting. Will keep up with them now. Thanks xx Maria