Do you ever just not think about it?

Symptoms can be so hard to ignore and a constant reminder of the potential for looming relapses and more disability.

Do you ever get to a place where you just dont think about it? Or just accept it?

Im trying very hard to be in the moment and appreciate what i can do right now. But my brain just wont switch off. Im sick of thinking about it. Its not necessarily all negative! My inner dialog about it just wont shut up.

Any tips or sayings that got you through?
How do you begin to be ok with it all?

Try Yoga.

It all seems hippy shit to start with, until you buy into the whole “coming into your breath” malarkey. It works! :grinning: You get into a position (mine are all safely anchored to the floor these days, no trees or standing on head…) and relax into it with each breath. Do it right and you’re so focussed on your breathing that your body just lets go of the tension.

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I was a cynical technician so was dismissive of anything non technical. However when things became very difficult and drugs or regular therapies did not work, I was persuaded to try some alternative stuff. To my surprise some of it really helped.
To establish control of my internal dialogue I did a brief Mindfulness course which really helped and I then tried acupuncture for some of the physical stuff which also helped a bit. I am not evangelistic about this and it will doubtless be different for everyone but may well be worth a go. Good luck


I got a kitten…

Whats MS? :rofl: :joy:

Leo has never heard of it. Yesterday i had a bad day eyes poor brain rubbish over tired. By the afternoon he had sucked me into playing laser beam, so myself, doglet and kitten were sat on the rollator for nearly an hour with leo jumping up doors and walls lol…and lucy my old JR trying to keep u with him…Before i started as i felt so ill my BP was really high by the time we had finished it was really good lol. And in between no thoughts of MS.



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That always work for me.


I love it.

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He is asleep on my chest whilst i type this and lucy is asleep curled by me. nearly 6am. Sue I swear he has grown overnight lol. he is a good kitten really. when the light is on; my bedroom is devistation, bits of paper all over the floor, all kinds of silly toys lol, and his food and drink dish. Thankfully i have a grabber to pick things up lol.

i havent got the heart to ban him to the sitting room on his own. when he is older and will get into less mischief. In the meantime to be honest he gives me and lucy a lot of sleep before he wakes up.

he can graze in the night so doesnt disturb us. I know being silly but …

Leo is now the boss of your house. You and the doglet Lucy will have to learn how to serve him!

The reason I’m certain this is so is that when my boss moved in, I tried to do what all the cat manuals tell you to do. Leave him in a safe room on his own with food, litter tray, comfy bed.

We went to bed until he began yowling. And didn’t stop. My soppy husband soon said ‘that’s it, I’m going to get him’. He slept on the bed from then on. 15 years later he eats what he wants when he likes. He has the back door open at will (leaves his tail in the way to avoid any fool closing it). Sits in front of my wheelchair and moves about a foot at a time to prevent me leaving a room without giving the correct stroking and adoration. Waits until I move off the wheelchair (impatiently) so he can get on it. Bashes his cat flap incessantly to make someone open the back door (his preferred exit and entrance). He sleeps wherever he likes.

The simple fact of bending you to his will as a tiny sweet kitten means you are now his staff. And everyone knows a cat is superior to a dog. Lucy probably already knows!


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LOL oh my Sue i nearly peed myself laughing what a great analogy of the cat lol. Let’s face it thats why the Pharoahs had to take theirs with them lol, as they were told too by the boss.

Lucy has given up. She is cuddled under a blanket at 5.14. I slipped the iight on for a minute as the room was quiet…and there he was just a few inches away from her nose lol. Its almost like Lucy had covered herself with the blanket for privacy lol.

He is the devil in disguise. One minute purring and being nice to me, then decides its play time and wants to rough house. I have been firm with him on this though and if NO wont stop then the feet hitting the floor makes him come to his senses.

He was used to playing with siblings so have to give and take a little. Oh my goodness my sitting room has an array of toys lol. he loves his little animal ones with catnip and carries one around in his mouth lol. I will try and get a photo.

I must admit he is learning quickly he knows his name now, well he should i shout it enough times lol.

Nah i am hooked I forgot what having a kitten was like as both mine were so old when they past but i have to say you cant be depressed with him around, best MEDICINE ever.

The icing on the cake was yesterday. I was in the bathroom and popped my head around into bedroom, and there was Lucy like a puppy inviting Leo to play with her she did it 3 times and then Leo started to flap on one of his toys like he was saying ok then your turn lol.

AND THANK YOU for the great description of your MASTER lol. xxx

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Kittens love to play. And fight. And help with household chores. One of my bosses favourite chores is bedmaking. Thank someone somewhere for the fact that it’s no longer my job (one of the few benefits of MS - the only household jobs I can do are sitting down ones and I only do those when there’s enough energy in the ‘bank’).

He used to like jumping in the shower after me, back when we had a cubicle and a drop down seat. He’d sit on the seat and wash himself. He especially liked it when I let the shower just drip a little bit. He’d use the drops to clean himself.

He’s now jumped onto my wheelchair and has fallen asleep. Soon he’ll start snoring!


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