do these symptoms sound like MS?

Hi - new to this Forum. I’ve been getting strange symptoms the past couple of months including:

leg weakness (both legs)

muscle tone on legs and arms doesn’t seem what it was 2 months back

difficulties with balance - not noticeable to other people but doesn’t feel “right”. Was diagnosed earlier in the year with an inner ear disorder (in June) but unsure that this was a correct diagnosis. Balance returned to normal for a while then went “off” again at end of August

some muscle twitching in both calves and left arm, and I think on my back

occasional numbness/pins and needles and burning sensations


low white blood cell count (lymphocytes)

I’ve now had two MRIs: firstly the brain a month back and last week the neck down to the base of the spine. Neither revealed anything abnormal (except expected wear and tear on the spine for a 44 year old man). Neuro exam was apparently pretty normal, though another doctor (not a Neuro) I saw noted brisk reflexes on the knees.

does this sound anything like the path anyone else had? I’ve been convinced I have MS in some form, I know that the MRI results would pint away from this, though I believe there are a small number of cases where MRIs don’t reveal any lesions with MS.


Hi Jimbob, yeh it could be MS and no, not all MRIs reveal lesions. But it could also be something less dramatic as MS.

I thought I had PPMS and so did the neuros, but no tests revealed owt and i had plenty of them…oh those lumber punctures were horrid!

I dont know owt about white blood cell tests, soz.

Try not to convince yourself you have MS…I did that and did mesen no favours!

I dont have it! I have a similar but less serious neuro condition.

luv Pollxx