Do these symptoms resonate with anyone?

Hey everyone! I’ve been struggling with some interesting symptoms for awhile now. I’ve had times on and off where I feel very ill with no cause. February of 2020 I randomly started to get lots of headaches and dizziness. With the dizziness came nausea and a difficult time riding in the car. I also experienced many days of a gripping sensation around my throat. It actually felt like someone was grabbing it and squeezing. Every once and awhile My thumbs would also burn and feel like they were on fire. It would generally be both thumbs at the same time. I saw my general MD and had bloodwork done. They said there were minor abnormalities in my blood (high granulocytes), but nothing that was really of concern. A week or so after I saw my Dr., my symptoms disappeared. I chalked it up to some strange virus.

Fast forward to September of 2020. I have been feeling fine and life is good. Out of nowhere, my right eye starts spasming. I’ve had this before when I’ve not been getting enough rest. I try to get more rest and not stress, but it keeps happening. Everyday. For weeks. Not only does it twitch, but it feels difficult to keep open sometimes. The twitch is strong enough that it wants to shut my eye. A few weeks after this begins, I start having insane mood swings and irritability. I am crying for no reason, I want to snap at everyone and I have major depression going on. (Side note- I was dx with depression 13 years ago and have been on a med for quite some time). This depression feels different, uncontrollable. A few days later my symptoms from February return. Dizziness, nausea, headaches, gripping in my throat or now my chest. I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything. Every once and a while a foot will go numb. I seem clumbsier. I go back to my Dr obviously very concerned and am told that maybe I should see a psychologist and that my antidepressant doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I’m crushed. I’m persistent about the dizziness and I get referred to an ENT. I essentially demanded a neurologist referral. I see the ENT in Nov and the Neuro at the end of Dec. I can’t stop my mind from wondering though what these symptoms are and why they come and go. Please let me know if these sound familiar to you or if you have other experiences and ideas!

Sorry Toothchick but I can’t tell you what is causing your symptoms.

to be honest the neuro appointment is only 2 months away.

Meanwhile be kind to yourself, get lots of rest, listen to your favourite music, watch a good film. eat your favourite food. drink your favourite tipple and develop patience.

Good Luck xx


Hi, one thing which reminds me of a time when my throat felt it was closing…I saw ENT and I told him I had just lost both parents…within 3 weeks of each other.

He said when we are upset, anxious etc the first thing that happens is that our throat muscles tighten.

Twitchy eyes can be an MS symptom, but the others could be any number of things.

Carole`s suggestions would be mine.


These resonate with me when I was perimenopausal! I don’t know your age or even if you are female though! Perimenopause can do some very strange things that most doctors seem quite unaware of. Things like magnesium deficiency can cause eye and muscle spasms, panic attacks and other strange sensations.

I hope your symptoms subside as before and that you start to get answers soon.