do others get ill after enjoying yourself

Hi all, Haven’t been on boards for a while took a break to see how I felt not communicating with people who have MS. I have hit a real low, that I spilled everything out to gp last week. He Prescribed me a higher dose and seemed to be benefitting. So think talking to you gyys really helps. I went to the wildlife photography exhibition at the natural history museum, I have gone for last 5 years and wasn’t going to let the MS stop me. Used my wheelchair for the first time, I had a really good day, wheelchair was great really enjoyed the day happiest I had been for a while. Thought might have sore arms today, but no arms fine but throat is horrendous and sound really bad. I just feel like I get punished for having a good time. Barney

The natural history museum is one of the places I really want to visit Barney. My husbands been a few years ago and so as my daughter…it makes me jealous. I’d like to go to the science museum too.

The hotels are so expensive in London. Having said that, my daughter travels to london a lot and said she will sort out a place for us.

Glad you had a good time Barney. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling low and now you have a sore throat.

I would love to go abroad to Italy but I know it would wear me out…so I think I know what you mean. Even having fun takes a lot of your energy. I’m thinking though if we booked selfcatering, I could just please myself just like being at home. Its the thought of staying in a hotel and having to get up for breakfast every morning. Then eat food in the evening, that I probably don’t fancy…too stressful.

Sorry Barney!! I’ve gone off on a right tangent

I hope being back talking too us guys cheers you up a bit.

Hi Barney

Yes, I agree, having a good time really takes it out of me. My son gives me at least 3 weeks’ notice of football matches so I can rest up before and plan to do nothing for at least a week afterwards as we both know it will take all my energy for some time just to have one day out. The travelling itself seems to wear me out these days before we even do anything else.

It’s the same with parties etc. I have a ladies night booked for the end of this month and am already pacing myself for it. I need to be fit and well as there’s no way I’m missing out on scantily clad hunks, ha ha!

I’m glad you had a good time at the museum, I’ve been a couple of times with my son. We went before MS came into our lives and had a full day which was a bit tiring and then we had an hour in there after MS which was completely exhausting!! Spent another hour sitting in the gardens with a cold drink! All you can do now is curl up and rest with whatever relaxes you and let your body recover.

Tracey x

Hi, yes I agree. I got married a couple of months ago and although it wasn’t a big affair it was a full day of ceremony, meal, drinks etc. needless to say I was exhausted for about a week after and ended up calling in sick to work through sheer exhaustion and I had a cold and sore throat. Just can’t keep up the pace anymore. X

Hi barney, maybe you are coming down with a cold…I doubt the museum trip caused it. But yes, after a good day out, I usually feel the need for a couple of days to recover.

Dont forget, none of us have the stamina for long days out like we used to have, eh?

have a rest now and keep warm, yeh?

luv Pollx

Hi thanks for your replies. I had first day back in the office today since my fall, didn’t realise how much it had knocked my confidence. I am now tucked up in bed :slight_smile: Love the sound of those holidays, I really fancy a nice holiday this year, I might just have to start looking. I love the musuems and living in Hertfordshire am really close. I did brave the underground for the first time with the wheelchair, careful planning of using the step free stations - fortunate in could use them without too much difficulty obviously with the help of my good friend. Working from home rest of this week so will be able to take it steady and actually get more done than did today. Hope everyone had a good day