Do I need to seek medical help / advice?

Hey guys, Just looking for some advice / help. I had a really bad migraine yesterday, worse than I’ve ever experienced before. I was in absolute agony and couldn’t move from my bed. Since then I have had constant nerve pain in my legs again, worse than I’ve ever had and I can’t walk properly,if at all. Should I see a doctors or my neurologist. Is there anything anyone can do or is it just a wait it out situation? Thank you in advance :relaxed:

If you’re concerned go seek medical advice either at a walk in clinic, doctors surgery or if u feel it’s severe enough A&E. Please call 111 for the best advice. Hope you’re ok.

Thank you, I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time! I guess part of me is also really scared and anxious of what they might say!

You aren’t wasting anyones time :slight_smile: Everyones health is very precious so go get checked out. Whats the worst that can happen?

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your not wasting anyones time if you are worried at least ring 111 they will advise if you should be seen.Ring them you have nothing to loose thats why they are there.I am good at giving advice but i would be like you.Hope you feel better soon.

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