Do I miss work?

Hello from sunny Sussex.

Firstly, a piece of advice:

If you live on your own in a wheelchair, beware of creating onion and carrot bhajis in the kitchen. The mess on the floor will be picked up and left in a trail behind the wheels of the chair. In oder to avoid it being ground into my lounge carpet, the first thing to do this morning was attack the mess with the Dyson. Exhausting. I need a long sit down now.

Secondly, are you ever amazed at what you used to do or are still doing to earn a living? Teaching itself was tiring enough but those long training days, often in places difficult to access? The main venue for me was a nineteenth century mansion called David Salomon’s House. (Tunbridge Wells.). Here’s my account should you wish to read it:

It’s not a rant but I was tempted.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi, I havent read your blog yet, but I will.

The answer to do I miss working? is, in a word, NO!

I am emphatic abut that, cos when I hear my daughters and others talk about the stress and strains of work, I am not at all envious that I no longer toil for a living.

I have many, many dreams, where I am back at work…always slim and always able to walk. But no-one will speak to me. I am not welcomed. I wonder why? I dont think I was unpopular at work. No, I wasnt, cos I was told so! That I was missed when away and more missed after I`d left.

And I prefer to believe that, than my dreams!



I cant open your blog…???


Nope, the link’s not working Steve.

I miss who I was when I was working. I miss the old skinny me, driving all over the country. I miss my confidence and using my abilities.

Not that I’m living a miserable life, but there are things I miss.

Thanks for the advice re the bhajis. As it is I end up with all sorts of food detritus stuck to my wheels.


Funny, neither can I!

If you type into a browser it’ll be the first one in the results.

I’ve also posted it on FB if you search for Stephen McChrystal.

Cheers. xx

Cut and paste links seemed to have stopped working a couple of weeks ago, although popping it in your browser should still work.


I miss being an 80’s yuppie.

Yes! Nurse, childminder, barista and I miss one much more than the other 2! Ellie

Do I miss work? No. Do I miss being able to work? Yes.


Ooooh, yes, that sums it up.

(I’m still hanging on by my finger tips at work, but for how much longer?)