Do I look further?

Hi, I hope it is okay to join here.

On and off for the last couple of years I’ve experienced different feelings, I have a few auto immune conditions and have nodules on my thyroid with ongoing issues.

Recently I’ve suffered with dizziness and oddly in my sleep I will wake up feeling like my head is spinning, I have a tingling in my cheek and can also get shooting pains (although I have had a wisdom tooth out as well so could coincide with them) I suffer with tingling in my legs, almost like a popping sensation and have some soreness in one of my feet. I have some brain fogginess and sometimes I can’t quite find the right word (but I have 2 young children and a busy job) I can also feel pretty tired (see above!) sometimes I can feel like I can’t swallow.

A lot of my symptoms can be explained by other things so I can dismiss them because of that. I just wonder if I should be taking them more seriously

Hi mjp, you have a lot going on, so no wonder you feel tired.
What does your GP say about these issues?

Try not to push yourself into thinking it is MS. It could be related to your current conditions.