Do I have MS? Pls help

Hi everybody firstly I want to say please excuse my grammer and punctuation I have become very lazy at this since becoming ill…i have convinced myself i have MS and would like help in where i go to next…Sorry for the long winded post but this is how it is…

approx 8 and a half years ago i was driving home from work and the road marking started moving and my colleague had to grab the wheel as i thought i was going to pass out…thought a good nights sleep will sort me out…next day ground looked spongy and soft i felt not dizzy but spaced out as if i had a hangover so went to the doctors…he advised me i had lybranthitis…gave me cinnerazinne and after a few days i was ok to go back to work…a few month later approx…no massive episode but everything was looking spongy again and spaced out/dizzy …went back to the docs given cinnerazine again…back to normal after a few days…then every 3 months (approx) it would keep happening doc advised lybranthitis wouldn’t go away keep stocked up on the tablets and take them as and when needed…i thought not too bad I’ll do that so the years went buy…having labyrinithitis (i believed) every so often but every time it would take longer for the tablets to take away my symptoms and the attacks were getting more frequent…anyway come 2013 i had moved and changed gp’s i went to the doctors advised i had lybranthitis again and had ran out of tablets…his response was lybranthitis shouldn’t go on for this long well try a different medication (pro-something i don’t remember) anyway these didn’t work…went back quick fix would be to put me back onto cinnerazine…same thing taking longer to clear my symptoms and attacks getting closer together…come 2014 i was getting symptoms every 6 weeks(didn’t realise it was this bad as i had my own business and didn’t affect me too much if i lost a week here ant there)…17/11/14 i suffer the worst headache of my life at work and put it down to stress of the business (a certain part of the business thought to myself i wont do this part again until i feel better)…12/12/14 i have a panic attack at work, dizzy/spaced out and headache…go to docs they perscribe me anti depressents…I know im not depressed its the way i feel making me feel down during 2014 i had more than half the year of bad heads…

SINCE 12/12/14 i have had to get rid of the business and have not worked a day since then, i have not went a day without having a nap half way through the day and i have never had more than 2 days together without a headache below are a list of symptoms i have had from last year and continuing now

  1. dizziness/spaced out…2. really bad heads lasting weeks…3. really bad memory…4. slurred speech (now and then) 5. confusion with things that would be a simple instruction…6. fatigue…7. blurred vision (now and then) 8…double vision (now and then) 9…tunnel vision (now and then)…10…strange cracking noises (right ear all the time ) and noises as if im swimming in my left ear (now and then)…11…sensitivity to light (most of the time)…12…fell like things are going faster or slower than they are actually moving…13…feel like im rocking or wobbling when standing…14… sometimes i feel like im gonna fall backwards but always stop it so it looks like im having a fit or something…15…very sore back…16…very sore knees…

i always feel like i have a massive hangover and im sure people look at me as if im drunk and then believe it when i talk and slur my words…i probably have missed some symptoms off here as my memory is sooooo bad now…

docs have prescribed me with many different meds im currently on double the cinnerazine i ever used to take…gabapentin milpharm…anti depressants…codeine all day and nuerefen all day…i have been to see neurologist he wasn’t much help told me i was suffering from migraines only…i didnt belive this…audiology did the march on the spot test on me with my eyes closed i ended up miles away from the spot…ent did water in the ear tests and they said cos ive had lybranthitis in the past my brain has stopped listening to the WRONG signals from my eyes for balance and is only using my ears thats why i get headaches etc…but im convinced its not.

mri results came back today all clear which is got but i have found out that the mri doesn’t allows find ms as it could be in the spine…

PLEASE PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME i want to get back to normality like bathing my son working just normal things around the house etc


Hi Stevie,

Your question is one of the commonest we get, but unfortunately also the hardest to answer, because nobody can confirm or exclude MS just from a list of symptoms.

I am NOT a doctor, but my gut feeling (and that’s all it is) is this doesn’t sound like MS - especially with a clear MRI.

Some of your symptoms can occur in MS, and the disease most commonly takes an episodic course (relapsing remitting), as I’m sure you know, so you could have episodes of symptoms followed by periods when all seems well again.

However, what doesn’t seem to quite fit in your case is that your episodes all seem quite similar in nature. This is possible, but unusual, as MS tends to like to mix things up a bit, so that successive episodes aren’t necessarily similar at all. You might have one time it’s an eye, another it’s a leg, another time balance, another time bowel or waterworks - and so on. It’s very random and unpredictable what the attacks will be like - you don’t tend to have a similar set of problems every time.

It is very rare with MS to have lesions in the spine only, and besides, these would not account for your symptoms. A spinal lesion only causes symptoms below the site of the lesion. So if you were describing pain, altered sensation, numbness, or weakness of your lower body, I would agree these could correspond to a spinal lesion.

However, headaches, balance and vision problems are not symptoms of a spinal problem - a spinal lesion can’t operate in reverse to cause problems in your head with balance, vision, hearing, and headaches. Remember, it can only work downwards, so could cause problems in your legs, but not your eyes and ears.

I don’t know what you have - my instinct is it’s not MS. The clear MRI supports this.

I do not mean it’s nothing, or that you’re imagining things, but I think you have to trust your medical team, and what they suggest. I do not think it’s a positive thing for you to remain convinced you have MS, as evidence is not pointing to this, and the clear MRI is good news.

I think your best chance of progress is to stay receptive to any suggestion, and not dismiss anything as “impossible”, because it doesn’t fit your preconception that you have MS. To find the truth, you have to be open to all ideas, not intent on proving one that doesn’t fit the evidence very well.


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thanks so much for the quick reply Anitra as i mentioned i have a very poor memory…i forgot to mention i sometimes get numbness mainly in my left arm…and often wake up with numb/dead arms…do u think it could all be in my head? i have a bad head again today 7 days running i think i have lost track…i feel like ive been on the drink all night…just wanna be normal again lol

Hi Stevie,

I’m usually the last person to try to diagnose anyone online (or at all!) but a thought has been rattling around in my head the last couple of days, but I couldn’t remember the name of it. I’ve suddenly remembered the condition I’m thinking of is Ménière’s disease, and I wonder if that might be what you have?

Now I’m not suggesting you march into your consultant’s office and start self-diagnosing with Ménière’s, because “somebody on the internet mentioned it”. Generally, consultants aren’t keen on self-diagnosers, and certainly not those who’ve just got it from Google or an online forum. How would you feel if you’d studied for years for your job, but a completely untrained person thought they knew better than you, because they’d read a suggestion on the internet from another untrained person?

So you can sort of see why it gives them the pip! So obviously, you’d have to be a bit more diplomatic, and wait to see if the suggestion comes from them. But given your symptoms, I just wondered if Ménière’s is something that’s ever cropped up as a possible explanation, and if it’s one that seems to fit? It’s quite strongly associated with migraine (the headaches), and can cause sudden unpredictable and incapacitating attacks of vertigo, and tinnitus (noises in the ears). Unfortunately, as with MS, there’s no definite test for it, so it could only be diagnosed based on symptom history, and ruling out other suspects.

I don’t know. There are more than 100 conditions that can look a little or a lot like MS. As I said before, I’m not a doctor, and can only go on gut feelings, but my gut feeling is this isn’t MS, and something’s been bugging me, as if it reminded me of something. Then I remembered a neighbour has Ménière’s! He had to give up a driving job because of it - he was a bus driver.

I don’t know, I’m just throwing the idea out there. No, I don’t think it’s all in your head, but at the same time, the physical effects of stress and anxiety shouldn’t be underestimated; you certainly won’t be doing yourself any favours by convincing yourself it’s definitely MS. Your symptoms may not be psychological in origin, but they can definitely be made worse by getting stressed out.



thank for ur advise i have come across menieres diesease a few times…im going to stop thinking i have ms but just ask my doctor if he can check for menieres i will leave feedback on my findings/…thanks again for your time.