Do I have MS? Need advice

Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself. I am new to this society.
I am a 35-year-old woman, I live in Germany and I am doing my PhD here.
At the end of 2022, one year after my exposure to Covid and Covid vaccination, I experienced a headache, which is not common for me. I went to the neurologist and then had my first brain MRI. 4 very small lesions were found in my brain. The doctor advised me to wait 6 months for the second one. Six months later, in May 2023, I had my 2nd MRI scan and the result was the same as the 1st MRI and nothing new was found. The doctor then told me to wait for the 3rd scan, which was due in one year.
I was planning to have my 3rd scan this month. But before I went, 2 weeks ago I woke up with terrible tiredness and weakness, it was hard to open my eyes and for the next 4 days my eyes were red. Gradually I developed foot and leg pains when I moved, stiffness and pain in my neck, I could not lift my arms up and I have not been able to lift heavy things since 2 weeks. I had no headache during this time. I lost my appetite. Very slowly over time I am regaining the strength of my arms, walking, but I can’t walk for long periods of time because of the pain in my knees, and also very recently 2 times I have been experiencing a slight tingling under my feet, which lasts for some minutes.
I will be hospitalised next week for diagnosis, I am very confused, upset and afraid of being diagnosed with MS.
Are these symptoms definite symptoms of MS?

Hi please do not be afraid it can take time to diagnose ms and even if its ms although it seems scary you have to stay positive, it just means that you may have to do some things differently and there are different types of ms.
Unfortunately everyones mind runs riot its understandable just take your time do things you enjoy to distract yourself.
Look after yourself with diet exercise when you feel like it and speak to someone who you feel you can.
Many things can cause symptoms my scans changed on the 2nd one i had lesions on the brain and spine so comfirmed ms but i had problems for years and the diagnosis made me feel calm in myself as its the unknown thats scary.
Ms can be called the snowflake disease as everyone is different with symptoms.

Kind regards Carol


I completely agree with Carol, it’s definitely not good to speculate you have multiple sclerosis.
It took me almost 20 years and 2 separate diagnosis, nearly 10 years apart, before I finally accepted I had this horrid disease.