Do I change from avonex to new oral treatment???

Hi gang, I havnt been on here for a while, too busy moving house. My MS nurse has taken my blood to check for antibodies as I have been on treatment for a year now. It was mentioned that I could possibly be a candidate for new oral treatment, don’t really know what to do, I suppose I will just need to get a bit more information.


Tricky one, isn’t it? I’ve been on Betaferon for 10 years now and at the last few annual neuro appointments I’ve been offered other things such as Tysabri and the oral one, but so far I’ve turned them down, simply because the Betaferon is still working well and I’m reluctant to change just for the sake of it.

Of course, never say never, so if I do run into problems in the future, it’s nice to know there are other options now.

Good luck with your decision.

It was mentioned to me a year ago and I was happy to stay on Rebif as it was working well for me and I was used to injecting. My attitude was ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

Well, now it is broken. I’ve had 2 relapses affecting mobility this year so I’m waiting to hear if my test results confirm that I can start on Gilenya.

Tracey x

I’ve only just started Extavia (Betaferon copy) and was told about neutralizing antibodies.

Have they suggested that they found neutralizing antibodies? If so I guess that means it might stop working for you.

@Tracey did your MS team give any indication that there was any sign that Rebif might stop working for you?

No, Vithfari

They had no idea any more than I did. The previous annual check up was all very positive and there was no reason to believe Rebif wouldn’t continue to keep me healthy. My neuro said to me this year ‘So tell me what happened this year when you were doing so well?’ I think he was as surprised as anybody …

I had had the test to check for antibodies last year and it was negative and all was going very well. Then, bam, this year two back-to-back relapses.

Last year was very stressful - my mum died, I moved house, school (workplace) was working extremely hard to get out of special measures, which impacts on support staff as much as teaching staff, and a very good friend went to prison for 6 months and I thought I had coped remarkably well. I guess the stress had to come out somewhere? Who knows …

Tracey x

Sorry Tracey, that was a bad year!

The evidence seems to be that stress does often bring on relapses.

Good luck to all of us on our treatments and a peaceful time!