Do i celebrate or wait?

I had mri s of my head and cervical spine nearly two weeks ago. I rang the hospital today for the results. The Secretary said the consultant has the results and he may contact me or I may receive a copy letter to my gp.She then added that if there was a problem he would have contacted me by now. Do I take this as good news? or wait and see? I must add that it took 6 weeks for them to inform my gp that I have a vitamin d deficiency!

Hi Steph, Err on the side of caution, the secretary is not in a position to inform you one way or another, data protection and all that. Having said that I truly hope for your sake you get to have a great big celebration. Wishing you all the best. Janet x

Steph I truly hope your celebrating, my mri’s, I was called back about 6 weeks later and told suspect MS. I asked " why wasn’t I told sooner" and they replied looking for life threatening conditions first. So I would wait for a letter or appointment. Fingers crossed tho Gray xx

Thanks for the input, I’ll wait and see.