Do eyes actually look like they have optic neuritis?

I’m undiagnosed & not actually had optic neuritis (yet) my neuro said to me blurred vision in one eye. But I’ve read these horrible cases of people’s eyes actually turning in? Is this right? It sounds awful.

Hi, I’m not sure what you’ve been reading, but no, optic neuritis isn’t visible to look at you, at all. It affects the optic nerve, behind the eye, not the eye itself, so your eyes won’t look any different.

What do you mean by people’s eyes “turning in”? As if they were cross-eyed, do you mean? There are some MS-related symptoms (not ON) that can affect the ability of the eye muscles to track properly.

But as far as I know, nothing that looks like a horror film!


Hi I’ve had two bouts of optic neuritis and can quite safely say the appearance of my eyes didn’t/hasn’t changed! :smiley:

Thanks for your answers, I was reading a post on another site & this person had double vision with one of their eyes turning inwards.

Hi, That is what is called having a squint, it can either turn in or out which is noticed by others. There is an operation that can correct it.



I’d go along with Janet. “Turning inwards” is just a figure of speech. It would just mean the eye didn’t face front properly - what most people call a squint - but not that it literally faced the inside of the head, if that’s how you understood it?

But it isn’t caused by optic neuritis anyway! Please stop frightening yourself by reading every horror story you can find. MS has lots and lots of possible symptoms, but hardly anyone will get all of them, and some are very, very rare.