DMT tysabare

Well I went to see consultant this morning hopeing to be told I would be changing to the oral treatment but no out he came with changing to tysabare so had the blood test and got MRI booked for next week and have to come of my beta intageron no as have to flush it out of my system for 4 weeks and the first iv will be in about 6 weeks it’s a bit doubting as I had never thought about this one as I was told a soon as the oral was available I would get it

It was massively daunting for me, I resisted for years. But eventually decided that the benefits outweighed the risks. Its a painless procedure, you get to sit still and have a gossip (I’ve given up taking a book as I never read it) and I think I’m starting to see some improvements, not all the time but its coming and I’ve only had 3 infusions so far.