DMT Treatment Plan

Hi all

can I enquire if anyone has had their treatment plan changed owing to Covid- 19? I was diagnosed with RRMS in Feb 2020. The planned treatment was Ocrezilamub how ever understandably owing to the nature of the DMT the infusion was postponed. My neurologist suggested that I take Aubagio as a temporary measure. I found out yesterday that the planned infusion been put on hold permanently and I will not be candidate for this. I am unsure why. Has anyone else experienced this?



Hi there, I’ve had MS for 20 years and been on Tecfidera for the last 6 years. I got on well with it but was also supposed to start Ocrevus infusions in March as I’d still had a couple of relapses. This was cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic. They then said I could start Tysabri but unfortunately after testing for it I couldn’t because I tested positive for the JC virus. The Ocrevus has been put back now till Feb 2021 at the earliest. I am still going to be taking the Tecfidera in the meantime. If I were you Sue I would talk to your MS nurse or Neuro to find out why they have put the Ocrevus permanently on hold.

Good luck, Kate x