Hi has anyone tried or know of a herbal drug, DMSO? I know a herbalist who recommends I try this, as the drugs I’ve tried so far, I’ve ended up in hospital with liver injury. Thank you x

Hi Shellie

I think the DMSO you have in mind is this one:

and if you read the whole thing you will see that it is not herbal in origin, but a by-product of the paper industry. The article includes the telling phrase: “It is listed by the U.S. FDA as a fake cancer cure”. More to the point, it can interfere with the function of Paracetamol - the preferred pain-killer of a lot of MSers.


Oh dear. Thank you Goeff. Glad to say I didn’t try it xx

Hi Dr. Geoff, I’m curious that you mention DMSO only as a industrial solvent. How about the food grade version of DMSO? Would this version have a different type of effect. In my research I see that the industrial would not be recommended as it carries impurities that would be absorbed into the body’s system. Although as it has become more available as food grade getting it from a reliable source would you think the same as you did back in 2014? By the way I am currently using it topically as part of my research for joint pain.