I was diagnosed with RRMS in January 2017 I suffered for years with numb legs and back pain but I finally got a diagnosis after I had optic neuritis it was a relief in itself to know after so long what was wrong and finally doctors listening to me! Since then I’ve had a relapse which has limited the use of my right arm, I went to see my ms nurse last week and was told my ms is active so they want to put me on plegridy injections. My question is, is anyone else using this and how are they getting on with them. I’m still waiting for my prescription to be delivered and a nurse to come round to train me to inject myself so not sure how long it will be before I start. Thank you x

I’ve been on Plegridy for 2 years to help with RRMS symptoms.It has certainly helped with relieving relapses and,apart from some side effects such as flu like symptoms, I’ve been very pleased with the results. I self administer each fortnight using an Epipen style injection which is painless and prefilled and I have regular blood monitoring tests.I would recommend Plegridy. It has helped to stabilise the MS. Good luck.