Dmds decision update

Thank u to all of you for your support, I gave decided to go with copaxone as my Nuro and I think best as I once had bad experience on lyrica which made me have sucidal thoughts - so due to the fact I suffer on and off from depression prob the best option as rebif can definitely affect yr mood! I will updated after my treatment begins. Thanks again x

I was put on copaxone for the exact same reason and I did really well on it, no side effects to speak of. I only stopped taking it due to pregnancy but will be going straight back on it after delivery. Lx

Definitely a good choice. Good luck

Good luck, I haven’t used Copaxone but I can say that injecting isn’t nearly as bad as you think it will be. Don’t forget to keep us updated

Tracey x

Glad you have made a decision and I hope it works really well for you.

Good luck

Shazzie xx

Good luck Hope they do the job for you Gray xx


I found the decision harder than the injection. I know many do.



WEll done… I’m sure it will work well and it doesn’t take long to get used to the injections. They really don’t hurt! x