DMD's are they all injected?

Hi, just a quick query, Are all dmds injected or do they come in tablet form? Just trying to prepare myself. Thank you, Sue P.s. lots of questions going through my head. Husband and family not coping with the ‘probable ms’ dx so far, even though they have had nearly four years to get used to it. Husband denying it, mum changes the subject and kids (4 girls between 23 and 30) fine so long as mum is plodding along ok) sorry, quick moan over, just quite lonely sometimes and this site is very reassuring and non judgemental x

They are either injected or through an infusion. There is a tablet form drug available but only after having tried injectable a or infusion type and them not being successful. It’s worth preparing but not scaring if that makes sense. Sending you big hugs. Remember there’s lots of things it may turn out to be other than ms. X