DLA & Your Home

I was hoping to get some advice on my possible future home and the impact if any on future DLA/PIP reviews,I currently get higher rate mobility dla,but may have to move home to a house with stairs (would look to get stair lift),I currently live in a ground flr flat.Would this go against my future applications living in house with stairs.Has anyone had to deal with this on their own applications ie was it mentioned /was it an issue.Thanks for your help

Not sure about your question,but on benifits and work forum moving home was brought up. What they seem to think is when you move you could trigger a review, they say it shouldn’t, but could ?. Simply because your name falls in the “to do pile” Pop over there and have read. ESA, PIP and DLA Queries and Results - Benefits and Work Forum

anybody got any experience of the above.thanks

I found the thread on B&W it has two pages, Jim… the guy at the end was a benefits advisor see what he says about moving house. Change of address triggers reassessment? - Benefits and Work Forum

Can’t think how it would make a difference. The award you get is based on your ability to mobilise in general, not necessarily on your home circumstances. The fact you no longer have stairs does not mean you can walk any better than you did before you moved home, although with this punitive government it won’t be too long before we need a valid death certificate to be allocated breath which would just about underline their understanding of illness. Bottom line is your award will be safe when you move home, it is based on your capabilities, not on your circumstances. Try to chill and enjoy the new house. Gary

Hello JDF, I’ve been on top DLA for some time and have moved house twice with no re-assessment. I think the level of DLA and the nature of our MS beast, mean that we are generally left alone. ESA on the other hand, is love child of the political blob fish that is IDS. The man has no skill, no tact, no foresight, no insight and no hindsight. He is desperately clinging to the chips (on both shoulders), he has nurtured since his catastrophic failure as a party leader. With the right tools however, even the greatest non-entity can be dangerous in a sort of bad guy in The Incredibles sort of way-and the department of work and pensions is a substantial far reaching tool. Therefore it would be prudent to check very thoroughly about the ESA implications. I know that they can’t reassess you 3 months since the last assessment. Best wishes, Steve-forever condemned to post without a return key!

I think it would be a difficult case for them to make given the availabilty of suitable housing, even if you lived in a top floor flat with no stairs !!

The answer is simple anyway should the question be asked, just say you sit at the bottom stair and lift yourself up one by one !!

I don’t think moving should affect your dla, dla is about help you need, it isn’t about where you life, its a while since I claimed dla but I dont think they will even ask about the type of house you life in. I wouldn’t worry if I was you, if you want to move, then move, dla should not ba affected. You will need to tell them your new address so they have the correct details for you. I wouldn’t worry if I was you. Cheryl:-)

Hi, like everyone else, I cant see how moving would affect your benefit…it`s about capability and need rather than what type of property you live in. But moving to a house with stairs, is going to make life a bit more difficult…even with a stair lift. I hope the move is a good one.

luv Pollyx

I have moved 5 times since I was awarded DLA indefinitely. Houses with stairs, bungalow, first floor flat, - all different – but the common denominator was me and my ever present MS. Nobody ever asks about it and I don’t see that it makes much difference to my inability to do the tasks they ask about. It certainly isn’t one of the changes you have to inform them about.