DLA Tribunal - Relapsing Remitting

Hi All,

Didn’t know if anyone had had any success with a DLA Tribunal with RRMS?

I have been declined both parts of the DLA. They had gone to my GP , and when asked to go to my MS Nurse for details, they went for a nurse within their place, that don’t know me and only looked at the evidence. Which there is not a lot as I didn’t pre-warn anyone and I have nothing at home. Unfortunatley very unorganised and didn’t think I was even able to apply for DLA!

The nurse said I had had no relapses since 2008, which is a load of pants! And also an ATOS doctor came out. Wrote hardly anything I had said about, nothing about fatigue, and basically contradicting himself the whole way through.

Anyway, I was just looking to see how successful people were and how scary the tribunal is? In Bristol as well so not sure which area’s are meant to be the hardest!

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!




Sorry to jump in on this convo but I am wondering if I too could have some advice on filling in DLA???

It would be very much appreciated xxxxx

Hi gem, im in bristol and I got the local cab to fill the form in with my husband.pm me if u want x

I now have my date for the appeal - 4th July 2013!!! Very anxious now as, like you Gem, the Atos Assessor wrote nothing to do with what was discussed during the assessment - very annoying!!! I’ve put together a “contradictions list” from the assessment to send to the tribunal service (what was discussed compared to what he wrote on his report), along with a supporting letter from my MS OT and good friend who was at the assessment meeting with me (who is a registered mental health nurse).

I think it’s too late for me to have a copy of the guide, although I am a member of benefits at work (wish I’d joined when I was diagnosed though).

Will let you all know how it goes

Take care

Pen xx

Hi All,

Thank you very much for all of your responses!!

Not alot of relapses etc were documented.

I turned up to the tribunal and all 3 people were lovely. It was a horrible situation but they definatley made me feel really at ease.

The doctor asked about mobility and the disability lady asked about care needs.

In the end i came out with lower rate care! I was amazed as i really didn’t think i would ever be entitlted to anything. soo glad i fought to the end.

Good luck to all :slight_smile: